About Yexenia’s SABOR!

My name is Yexenia, and I lead a group of food lovers to different restaurants, food venues, and activities around New York City to discover the wonderful world of food. I have a background in marketing, and worked in the magazine publishing industry for 14 years. Writing and cooking are two of my passions. I tool my cooking passion a step further and received my culinary degree from Monroe College this August, 2015.

“Yexenia’s SABOR!” began in May of 2012 when a friend sent me an article listing popular Latino restaurants in Brooklyn and suggested that I should take a group. I set up a dinner at Caracas Arepas Bar in Williamsburg, and was pleasantly surprised to see 19 people show up. Some friends, and others who found out about the dinner and wanted to meet new people. The rest is history. We have enjoyed international cuisines such as Argentinean, Greek, Philippine, Salvadorian, and South African just to name a few. Plus, we’ve gone to several food festivals, and the popular Smorgasburg a few times.

Sharing meals bring people together in a way that nothing else can, and so we set out to connect through our love of food and flavor — forming a bond that is memorable and incomparable. New people are always joining us and lots of friendships have been formed.

I’m also an avid traveler, therefore enjoy international food very much. Being a native from El Salvador, I grew up with spices and lots of sabor (flavor) in our food. My family usually says, “esto no tiene sabor,” meaning “this has no flavor,” instead of saying that the dish is missing a certain spice or simply salt. Hence, I am always in discovery mode of all things with “SABOR.” I started cooking with my aunt at the early age of seven for a family of ten, plus the many farm workers and friends that would show up during meals. We would all sit around a big table, and topics of all sorts would be thrown around as we devoured our delicious meals. This is what we do at Yexenia’s SABOR! outings.

Living in New York City exposes us to many worldwide flavors and cuisines, and so I figured why not share our experiences together with friends and friends of friends — the way I used to growing up.

I welcome you to follow our continuous discoveries of sabor, food stories, reviews, recommendations, and my recipes right here on this blog.

All the recipes in this blog are my creation, and I hope you enjoy them!


Chef Yexenia

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