Pupusa Making Workshop

Cooking Classes with Yexenia’s SABOR! Y Join me as we explore the national dish of El Salvador! In fact, it’s national pupusa day on November 8th! The USA will definitely partake in this celebration, and why not you?!   

Sign up for Saturday, November 7 @ 3 PM, Canarsie, Brooklyn

Sign up for Tuesday, November 10th @ 7 PM in the Upper East Side

ABOUT THE CLASS: Learn to make El Salvador’s national dish — the Pupusa. We will have three choices of fillings: cheese & re-fried beans, cheese & sauteed zucchini, and a “revuelta” (cheese, beans, and shredded pernil). The cheese and zucchini filling will be prepared in class, along with the masa. You will get a hands on experience on forming your own patties, filling them, and grilling on a skillet. You will also learn how to make the delicious curtido, a pickled cabbage, and take some with you as a gift! Afterwards, we will enjoy our pupusas. This is a fun experience, where your get to play with dough, eat, and learn a little bit about the culture of El Salvador!

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